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Help your child discover their future. A Shining Star Preschool provides stimulating experiences, social opportunities, open center play time, classroom specific curriculum, homemade meals and much more. Enroll now, and watch your child shine!

Gentle as a Ladybug at A Shining Star Preschool

A Shining Star Preschool

We believe that children learn best in an environment which promotes exploration, creativity, and learning through various media and play. We are dedicated to fulfilling these needs and meeting these goals on an individual basis.

At A Shining Star Preschool, our goal is to nurture and facilitate growth of the whole child to his or her greatest potential by providing a safe, loving, caring, and enriched environment for each child. No child will be discriminated against because of race, color, ethnicity, religion, or sex.

Developing Social Skills At A Shining Star Preschool

Children feel better when given opportunities to play with their friends. There are some things you can only learn from your peers–like the time you had to share your favorite toy, or stand up to another kid.

Studies show that the most important skills to learn before academics are social. Skills like cooperation, self-control, confidence, independence, curiosity, empathy, and communication are a part of everyday at A Shining Star Preschool.

Having Fun While Learning at A Shining Star Preschool

Having Fun While Learning at A Shining Star Preschool!

A Shining Star Preschool classroom can provide opportunities to learn these skills. Art tables where preschoolers color and draw together, bringing to life their imagination and sharing what they create.

During play time in the dress up and kitchen area, classmates play house, business store and much more, to test out basic life and relationship skills.

Block games and building toys feed kid’s need to use their hands and test children’s motor skills; for example, building a tall tower with blocks or a Lego birthday cake with preschool friends.

Communication is a vital part of the A Shining Star Preschool program.

We try to establish and maintain a good relationship with the parents of children who are enrolled in the program. It is A Shining Star Preschool goal to provide you and your children with positive experiences that encourage learning in an environment that will foster happy, healthy children.

We encourage you to communicate with the director regarding things you like or dislike in the program as well as suggestions you have.

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